Facebook for Business Basics (HowTo)

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Facebook for Business Basics (HowTo)

Purpose of “Facebook for Business Basics”

If you are just starting out using Facebook for your business, this post will provide some quick pointers to set you on the right path.

Please share this post with anyone who you feel is missing an opportunity.  Feel free to add comments if you know of any tips that could improve this post.

First Steps

  1. If you haven’t already, register on Facebook and set up your Personal Profile, using your own name not your business.
    We will create a business page later. Keep a distinction between the two. Your followers should know whether they are following you or your business.
    Facebook Help : Set up a profile
  2. Invite colleagues, friends and clients to be your friend in Facebook
    If you wish, you can use ‘Friend Finder’ to retrieve contacts from your email client and locate them in Facebook
    Facebook Help : Find your friends
  3. Start Interacting with your followers
    Update your status.  Post thoughtfully about your world.  Upload photos and share information you find on the web.  Add comments to your friends posts, photos and videos.  Add value to your friends and you will gain more friends in return.
    Facebook Help : Explore Facebook

Adding your Business

  1. Under your Personal Profile, add a Page for your Business.
    Choose your Page name carefully, you might not be able to change it later.
    Followers of your Business Page cannot trace it back to your Personal Profile.  This keeps your business contacts away from last weekends exploits and any other undesirable posts on your Personal Page.
    Facebook Help : Facebook Pages
  2. Join Groups that share your business interest or are home to your target audience.
    Groups can be Open (anyone can join), Closed (you need admin approval to join) or Secret (invite only)
    Groups do link to your Personal Profile.  If you create and administer a group, updates will appear to come from you personally.
    Facebook Help : Facebook Groups
  3. Reserve your Business Username.
    Once you have more than 25 fans of your Business Page, you can reserve a Business Username as a shortcut to your page.  For example, Facebook.com/ScabbyGadgets.  You can also reserve a Username for your Personal Profile.
    Facebook Help : Usernames

Other Facebook Tools

  1. Use the “Like” button to give positive feedback or make connections to Pages.
    Look for the button on your friends posts and pages.
    Facebook Help : Like Button
  2. Share Links and other content.
    By typing in the Publisher text box (labelled ‘What’s on your mind’ on your homepage), options will be revealed about the various content you can share.  If you paste a full url link into here (eg. http://bbc.co.uk) , Facebook will automatically include a summary of the webpage.
    Facebook Help : Sharing
  3. If your business runs or is involved in Events, why not promote it in Facebook?
    Select “Events” in the Application menu on the left side of your homepage
    Facebook Help :Events
  4. Set your Privacy Controls
    You can manage every aspect of Privacy in Facebook, including who can see your profile information, blocking people, reporting abuse etc.
    Facebook Help : Privacy Controls

Things to remember

  • It sounds obvious, but the key is positive interaction, on both your Personal Profile and Business Pages.
    For example, if you have 20 friends following you and you post an update, it will be seen by up to 20 people.  But if your friends all reply to your post, their updates are distributed to their followers too.  If they all have 20 friends each, suddenly up to 400 people are aware of your conversation.
  • Create posts that promote discussion.  Engage with your friends by commenting strategically and intelligently.
  • If you are a member of a group or organisation, speak to the other members and encourage them to interact.  This will allow you all to open up and share each others networks.
  • Apply SEO carefully.  Don’t fill the Page names and Usernames with spammy SEO keywords, as this will discourage followers.  Facebook may also actively punish Pages that appear false.  Apply keywords to the “About” text box near the top of your page.  SEO keywords can also be applied to the fields on your “Info” tab.
  • Abide by Facebooks rules and conduct yourself appropriately at all times to avoid adversly affecting your businesses online presence.