LastPass Password Vault

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LastPass Password Vault

What is LastPass Password Vault?

Managing all the passwords for the websites you use can be a real chore, and worse still, a huge security risk.  LastPass is a secure, online password vault, and could be the last password you will ever have to remember.


  • Log into websites with a single mouse click
  • Its safe! All data and password transmissions are encrypted, and it is far more secure than browsers for remembering passwords.
  • Automatically imports and removes passwords from browser, and also imports from many other password tools
  • Store secure notes within your vault, either as stand alone documents or linked to websites
  • Recognises passwords fields in registration pages and can automatically generate and store secure passwords
  • Create multiple identities in same account, with different access levels to passwords – ideal for sharing
  • Helps protect you from phishing site and other scams
  • It works on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, multiple browsers, and can synchronise between them all
  • The standard version is free! For a very low monthly subscription there is also support for a range of mobile phones


Passwords are stored securely online – can be retrieved in event of computer disaster so provides valuable backup, but some people may have concerns about this

Most peoples password are insecure and predictable.  Peoples names, number sequences and any words that can be found in a dictionary are easy prey for hackers.  Only 0.2% of passwords are considered “strong”!

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