Microsoft OneNote 2010

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Microsoft OneNote 2010

What is Microsoft OneNote 2010?

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Now available in all Microsoft Office 2010 Suites, Microsoft OneNote 2010 could be described as a digital scrap book, creating a place to store ideas and information.  You can capture text, images, video and audio. Notebooks can be shared and changes will be automatically synchronised between users.


  • Drag and drop images, text, video and audio onto the page, and OneNote will track where the information came from
  • Integrated saving – no need to save Notebook.  Notes are saved constantly and automatically
  • SideNotes – Easily accessible Note taking application that emulates the Post-it note.  SideNotes appear in the unfiled section of the main OneNote application
  • Office Integration – Whilst scheduling a meeting in Outlook, create a Meeting Notes section in OneNote.  Convert notes in OneNote to tasks in Outlook.  Use pages in OneNote to create Word and Excel documents
  • Docking – Minimise OneNote to a narrow column view of the page that sits to one side of your other applications.  For example, dock OneNote next to your browser, and drag and drop information from one window to the other

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Some of the other features in OneNote 2010 require other Microsoft products or services.  For example, OneNote Mobile 2010 is a lightweight version of OneNote, but only runs on Windows based phones.

Previous versions of OneNote were included in Office 2007, and Office 2003, but were only available as part of the top-end Office Suites.

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Where to find it

Image from OneNote 2010 is included in all Microsoft Office Suites for 2010, and is also availbale to buy seperately.

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Top 10 reasons to try OneNote 2010