OSAlt – Open Source Alternatives

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OSAlt – Open Source Alternatives

What is OSAlt.com?

Open Source software provides an (often freeware) alternative to well-known commercial software. For example, OpenOffice is an office suite with similar functionality to Microsoft Office, but is free to download and use.

OSAlt.com is a searchable directory providing easy access to Open Source software as an alternative to commercial software.

FeaturesOSAlt Homepage

  • Lists both Open Source and Commercial software with a brief description of each
  • Search for Commercial software by name and results will also list Open Source alternatives
  • Lists which Operating Systems are supported by each application, ie Windows, Linux, Mac
  • View customer ratings and reviews


  • Although some Open Source applications are very robust and reliable, others may be in early development.  Always seek reviews if you are unsure how suitable an application might be for your business
  • Often the Open Source Software developers will provide optional software support at extra cost
  • Sometimes using both Commercial and Open Source competitors can be useful.  Core desktop computers may all have Commercial versions of applications installed on them, whilst less often used computers have Open Source alternatives to reduce licensing costs.  For example, OpenOffice can be configured to create, as well as open standard Microsoft Office format documents

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