Apple iPad Business Apps

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Apple iPad Business Apps

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A Selection of Business Apps for iPad

  • Safari Web Browser
    Apples standard web browser software
  • iBooks
    Application for downloading and viewing books from the iBookStore
  • iWork Office Suite
    Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations on the iPad.  Includes compatibility with Microsoft Office files
  • Evernote
    Note taking application that includes tagging and a comprehensive search
  • Things
    Keep track of to-do’s and synchronise with other devices
  • Tweetdeck for iPad
    Manage all your Twitter accounts in real time.  Locate your friends using iPad built in geolocation ability
  • LogMeIn Ignition by LogMeIn
    Remotely connect to and control your Home or Office based computer using your iPad
  • PocketCloud Remote Desktop & RDP Client
    Remotely connect to office based Windows PC’s, Virtual Machines or Terminal Servers
  • Documents to Go Premium Office Suite by DataViz
    Edit Create and View Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, but also view PDF, iWork and other files
  • QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite by QuickOffice
    Edit Create and View Word, Excel spreadsheets, but also allows you to manage online using services like MobileMe, DropBox and Google Docs
  • WebEx for iPad by WebEx
    Webcast and teleconferencing on the go
  • Salesforce Mobile by Salesforce
    Access your Salesforce database whilst onsite with customers
  • Bento by FileMaker
    Database app to track billable hours, mileage and other expenses
  • Dropbox
    Backup and synchronisation application, including remote file access
  • Instapaper Pro by Instapaper
    Saves web articles and sites on the iPad for offline reading.  Download at home or in Office over Wifi and view saved items on planes, trains etc, regardless of whether there is a connection available
  • GoodReader
    PDF reader for iPhone and iPad
  • Time Master
    Track time spent working for clients, down to individual project level
  • PrintCentral
    More than just a printing application, you can access documents stored online or on remote computer without downloading them
  • Square
    Accept credit card payments on the iPad, either by keying details in or plugging in external card reader
  • Dragon Dictation
    Voice Recognition software.  Record your voice and convert it to text – no need to type

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