TomTom Go Satellite Navigation

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TomTom Go Satellite Navigation

TomTom GO 950 Live

What is TomTom Go?

TomTom Satellite Navigation systems give you turn-by-turn directions which are both audio and visual.  There are many low cost alternatives on the market, but TomTom units are still one of the most accurate and most popular systems available.

There are many different models available, but most fall into one of two categories – the XL series or the higher specification GO series.

One great feature included in the GO series is Hands-free calling, making it legal to take that important phone call and keep both hands on the steering wheel.  All of the features below are included in the GO 550, which is the current entry level GO series device.


Maps of UK and Ireland (Go 550), Europe (Go 750), and even the US and Canada (Go 950). Other maps available for purchase and download to device

Large 11cm touchscreen

IQ Routes – adjusts directions to take account of increased traffic at certain times of the day, for example, rush hour

Live Traffic updates including recent incidents and estimated delay times

Speed Camera and accident hotspot warnings

Select from fastest, shortest or most fuel-efficient routes

Hands-free calling.  Talks wirelessly to mobile phone via Bluetooth

Voice command control

Illustrates which lane to take at motorway junctions

Map sharing – correct changes to roads and share with other TomTom users

SD card slot and ability to play music or audiobooks

TomTom GO connected to PC USB


The current range of GO devices are the x50, for example GO 550, GO 750, GO950 etc.  There can be very little difference between the current models, and the previous models, the x40 range.  This provides an ideal opportunity to pick up a GO 540 at considerable discount to the newer GO 550 with little loss of functionality or features

Often people talk about Sat Nav systems sending Large Vehicles down small country lanes.  The types of roads that you prefer to use or avoid can be configured in the device settings

Earlier TomTom models had an FM Transmitter built in, allowing the device to transmit audio and music to the cars radio.  This seems to have disappeared from newer models

Some Smartphones now offer turn-by-turn navigation, although most cannot compete with a dedicated device like TomTom

TomTom Navigator software can also be purchased for some moble devices and smartphones

TomTom for iPhone v15

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